Don't Miss Your Turn for Recovery

Our vision is an enlightened community where people in all walks of recovery are empowered to succeed.

“An awesome place for help and meeting's in recovery, good fellowship, too. Very dedicated and friendly people who put the Veterans first..”


“After being introduced to Kleen Street I feel as though this is a strong and supportive place to come for help with my problems. I intend to come and get involved. Thanks for doing what you do for meeting the needs, of people in a personal way, while being a tremendous asset to this corner of the community. Thank you for being there. Amen. Thanks for the opportunity to become connected as well as getting involved.”


“Kleen street helps alot people and has great programs for people to get off the streets...”


About Kleen Street

We are a recovery community where people in all walks of recovery are welcomed by like minded individuals.

You can enjoy our social events, have a cup of coffee, feel safe and use our resources.

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